The Stratagem Philosophical Society
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The Stratagem Philosophical Society provides a platform for the examination of the concept and philosophy of Common Sense
The Society.s postal address is The Stratagem Philosophical Society BM Unifaculty London WC1N 3XX
The Internet address is - General enquiry email address is
the Stratagem Philosophical Society is part of the
Unifaculty Foundation

Membership of the Stratagem Philosophical Society is open to all who have a deep and abiding interest in philosophy and especially where that interest centres on the importance of the concept and philosophy of Common Sense.

Members can submit their papers for consideration, review and publication by email ... please visit the Your Philosophy page. The annual subscription to membership of the Society is 25 Sterling [25 GBP], or the equivalent in your own local currency.

1. declare that you are 18 years of age or more [or simply give your age, if you prefer]
2. confirm that you are genuinely interested in research and understanding of philosophies, and
3. that you will act to promote the cause of the the Institute and uphold its good name.

You can enrol now using the Paypal link below:

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