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Many people use the terms Logic and Common Sense as though they are interchangeable. They use them as different words to express the same thing. Whilst Logic and Common Sense sometimes do seem closely similar, they are not the same thing: indeed sometimes they are in direct contradiction to each other.

If someone had two apples and a friend gave them another apple, they would then have three apples. That is both logical and common sense. Where common sense and logic coincide that is often declared to be ‘self-evident’.

However, sometimes logic and common sense depart from each other. For example, logic requires a scientific reasoning. It requires a certain level of intelligence and patience to follow through the procedures which will then bring us to the correct solution. Occasionally we might make a mistake in our reasoning and thereby arrive at a wrong conclusion. That happens when false logic is used.

As the Society’s course on Common Sense reveals, there are many examples of false logic. There are also no examples of false common sense. That fact creates the demand that we may need to better understand the differences between Logic and Common Sense.

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